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What We Are Rated Excellent In:

  • Fast results in relieving pain

  • Ability to be seen and treated the same day you call for an appointment

  • Very little wait time

  • Dr. Schroeder will be with you during the entire treatment for any questions you may have

  • Length of time in performing massages on patients

  • Friendliness of staff

  • Knowledgeable staff

  • Technology & Advanced Equipment

  • Comfortability 

Why We Are Different

  • Over 180,000 successful patient visits

  • Successful in treating chiropractic conditions in less time than the national average

  • Over 20 years of using Low Force Chiropractic such as the Arthrostim Manipulator and the Cox Flexion/Distraction Technique.​

Arthrostim Manipulator:


A handheld instrument used by the doctor to gently and specifically put misplaced vertebrae back into place, realigning the spine and getting rid of all pinched nerves in the spinal column. This is performed by specifically giving 12 mini adjustments per second at 3 to 4 pounds of force per thrusts. This is unlike typical chiropractic manipulation where much greater force is given all at once, sometimes while rotating parts of the body. There's no forceful manipulation with this instrument.

Cox Flexion/Distraction Technique:

This technique is performed while a patient is lying face-down and strapped at the ankles to provide traction. The doctor will then stretch the spine at the level of the disc degeneration, therefore stretching the disc one at a time, opening up the disc space and relieving pressure on the nerve. This technique has had scientific proof in achieving permanent success in the treatment of Disc Degeneration, Spinal Stenosis, Failed Back Surgery, Sciatica, and other related conditions.

Laser Therapy:


When most of us hear the word “laser” we get an image of a beam of red light cutting through metal. What most people don’t know is that laser is often used in the rehabilitation setting. It isn’t the ‘hot laser’ that is used in industrial applications but is low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or ‘cold laser therapy’ that is used to assist in healing body tissues.


Laser therapy uses light to penetrate through the skin into tissues. It has been used since the ‘80s for a wide range of conditions. Although it only penetrates a few millimeters, it can have a profound effect on tissue healing. It has been shown to aid in pain relief, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, stimulate wound healing, stimulate tissue regeneration, and reduce scarring.


Research has shown that laser therapy can be a powerful anti-inflammatory that is equally effective to anti-inflammatory medications.


Dr. Schroeder has been using cold laser therapy at his practice for the past 15 years and has had success in treating the following conditions:



Tennis Elbow and Achilles Tendonitis

Rheumatoid Arthritis 



Trigger Points

Carpal Tunnel

TMJ Syndrome

Frozen Shoulder

Back Pain, and 

Wound Healing

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